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Dr.Maamoun KRAIZ

Curriculum Vitae


                                                             Maamoun  Mohamed  KRAIZ

                                                             P.O Box : 660; Atal

                                                             Damascus- Syria

                                                             Clinic :  011-5118343   Mob : 00963-944-401535

                                                             Damascus- Masaken barza

                                                             E-mail : dr.Kraiz@gmail.com


1997                                                   Academy of Karol Marcinkowski; Poznan, Poland

                                                             MD (Doctor of Medicine )


1997 – 1998                                       Rotating Internship,

                                                           Academy of Karol Marcinkowski ;

                                                           Poznan, Poland

1998 – 2000                                       Resident, Department of General Surgery,

                                                           Almowassat Hospital; University Damascus,

                                                           Damascus, Syria

2000 – 2004                                       Resident, Department of Urology,

                                                          Almowassat Hospital; University Damascus,

                                                          Damascus, Syria

2004-2005                                         Deplume of  Laparoscopy  in Urology, Poland


2005-2012                                         I am working in Syria (Al-zahraa hosp) as a consultant .

                                                          And in my private clinic


1997                                                   Top ten percentile in the graduating year at the Academy of

                                                            Karol Marcinkowski;

                                                            Poznan, Poland




 Arab Board of Urology- Step 1(ABU)                                    November 2001           Click here

 European Board of Urology-Step1                                       November 2003            Click here                          

Urologist in Syria                                                                  May 2004                      Click here

Deplume of  Laparoscopy of Urology                                  November 2004-2005    Click here

Fellowship of  European Board of Urology(FEBU)              June 2006                       Click here



 Published scientific research:

• Results of long-fiftieth the case of laparoscopic radical nephrectomy in Poland was presented at the Conference of European Urology Conference in Istanbul 2005

• Make operations of radical cystectomy  in a manner Bausch Professor Hassan Aboul-Enein (NEW-W-BALADDER) for the first time in Poland was published study on the follow-up cases in the Canadian Conference of Urology.

• Lecture laparoscopic radical nephrectomy  with the inclusion of previous research in laparoscopic surgery conference in Damascus 2005.

• a long term study to address the treatment of the benign prostate  by alfozausn in Syrian Urological Conference in  Aleppo, 2007.

• view the status of tuberculous nephrectomy in laparoscopic abdominal surgery, urological conference in Damascus 2009.

• Lecture to address the injection therapy for Management of VU-Reflux ((vur in the annual Children's Conference in Damascus, Syria 2010.

• Lecture to address the root vesico ureteric injection ((vur in the scientific symposium on new developments in urinary surgery in children in Tartus in February 2011.






European Association of Urology(EAU)

American Association of Urology(AUA)

Society International of Urology(SIU)

Polish Association of Urology(PAU)

Arab Association of Urology(AAU)

Syrian Urological Society(SUS)



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