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Kraiz Urological Clinic

Kraiz Urological Clinic



What distinguishes our jurisdiction would depend on completion of operations and procedures in urology are not satisfied with any surgery, at least overlap (minimal invasive surgery) and be cross-abdominal laparoscopic surgery (Laparoscopy) and transurethral Endoscopy)).


And excel in
• Addressing the root of vesico-urinary reflux (urinary reflux from the bladder of the kidney transurethral endoscopic injection of (Deflux) and without surgery.
• (Laparoscopy in Urology) The most common procedures of the process laparoscopic varicocelectomy.
• treatment of infertility in males with the treatment of varicocele by sclerotherapy without surgery and local anesthetic.
• Treatment of urinary incontinence in women by (TVT, TOT) surgery is simple and blunt.
• Treatment of male urinary incontinence after prostate cancer operations by the ((Sling and the laying of the clouds anthropogenic Artificial Sphincter)).
• fragmentation of stones outside the body of the shock wave (ESWL).
• Treatment of erectile dysfunction and male sexual disorders associated with transplantation of penil prosteuses ful impotence.


-- We have all the medical technology and the most recent and best of cystoscopy of children and uretroscopy, and fragmentation devices to make their own fragmentation manner through endoscopy
Our mission is dependent on maintaining a leadership role and lead in the follow-up to provide comprehensive health services and distinctive as the most important standards of quality and excellence for all our patients.


We have set out to work in Damascus, drawing on the best means of diagnosis, scientific and technical order to develop scientific Indications accurately carry out the work optimal medical.


To maintain your health and your life is our motto Permanent



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